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Has anyone any tales of shenanigans at work parties?

Mine have been very tame, worst I saw was a married woman kissing a fella around half her age. Both colleagues of mine

We had a middle manager so p*ssed at an event that when the Christmas draw was held and a difficult to pronounce name was being read out, they interjected and clearly read out somebody else's name entirely who was then given the prize. They subsequently collapsed from the drink in the toilets and had to be removed by ambulance.

Another case in a previous employment where a condom was unrolled over a curling tongs in a female member's hotel room (company had hired a number of rooms in the hotel where the event was on). If memory serves a member of the management was told to leave of his own accord or else be fired. He resigned. Think he was unlucky in that she was from the north and was fearful that it was some kind of sectarian thing and made a huge fuss about it all when all it seemed to be was a prank that went wrong. The entire factory subsequently got lectured on appropriate behaviour at work and work events.

In the same company, prior to that, a male member of staff and a female member (both married but not to each other) recieved a written warning as to their inappropriate conduct in a car in the car park. They'd have gotten away with it only the bus with workers for the afternoon shift had pulled up alongside their car and people alighting from the bus got accidentally mooned.

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