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Intersex is indeed very real and can be a very difficult thing for those born that way to live with. Often times many operations and counseling is required for an intersex person to find some semblance of acceptance and peace with their own body and identity. It is not however a gender in its own right as it works on a scale ie. one intersex person might be 5% female/95% male while another could be 60% female/40% male etc etc... and a lot of this is down to interpretation by medical experts and/or the intersex person themselves.
Biologically speaking there are two genders, male and female, intersex falls into a small grey area of about 1-3% of people (depending on what information you read) that are born with a combination of both genders in an undetermined ratio.

The most important thing about this? Intersex has nothing at all to do with the trans movement. Two completely different things. Intersex is a biological phenomenon. Trans is about how somebody feels and while there is absolutely room in our society for courtesy and consideration for people's feelings, it can't be at the expense of scientific fact.
Your science is hokum. 60/40 wtf?
Dont the Maori culture have something whereby the youngest in a family is treated like a female , no matter if it’s male.

I think this is something that someone once told me in a pub with that said.
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Is there a proc rule that you have to care about something to post in a thread now?
Not at all, it just seems a little silly to be bitching about the interest in something while adding to the interest in it.

But if it entertains you then go for it ;-)
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