Graham Linehan

Why he wasted time arguing with freaks on the internet is genuinely puzzling.
In particular Stephanie Hayden the self styled lawyer and trans activist...and of course a registered sex offender convicted of sexually assaulting a 14 year boy.
Yeah but Linehan is the bad guy and the pedophile is the victim. What a f##ed up view of the world.

Linehan has been proven right on a lot of the issues he highlighted (Tavistock).

Theres certainly no doubting he has the courage of his convictions.

His book is doing well by all accounts.

Richard Ayoade and Jonathon Ross have quotes on the book cover and now they’re getting the world of abuse for it.

That itself was a glaring example of how stupid people are on Twitter. A quote critical of transfolk was incorrectly attribited to Ayoade and the fuckwits on that platform started trying to cancel him.

All he said was he was always a fan of his scriptwriting and his prose is just as good.

Thankfully these idiots have little relevance in the real world.
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