GOP House Speaker Qevin McCarthy goes bang ! (Out of Office)

Predator Mattie Gaetz succeeds in ousting Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House in those United States on a score of 216-208 Chaos is continuing :) Shortest Speakership and first Speaker to be ousted.....trailblazer !
Disgraced rapist, fraud, and former president PAB Trump is now footing the idea that he be made Speaker of the House. His team of flying monkeys are talking this up too.

The Speaker does not actually have to be a Congress Critter under the rules, although the rules do say that someone under a serious felony indictment can’t serve. (These rules can be changed by the majority party however).

His son Beavis says that if Trump gets it, he’ll buy him an extra large gavel. I think he’s just saying this because in Trump’s tiny, tiny little hands the normal gavel would look huge already.

Anyway, I for one hope he gets it. 😂

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