Fox hunting

Many people who condemn hunting have never actually been to a hunt. Cork City has many hunting clubs on both sides of the City.They are not exclusive and are working mens weekend pastimes and are followed on foot.
Many clubs have abandoned hunting and morphed into Drag hunting,which has always had gambling connotations and its accompanying problems.
We have actually the oldest hunting club in the world in the North side of Cork at 250 years. Huntsmen are not interested in killing their prey,rather they enjoy seeing the hounds track a scent and have a good run. Preserving the fox means they can return to that country weeks later and have another good days sport.
There are people who will dig out foxes from dens using terriers and throw them to hounds, this is condemned by all decent sportsmen and such people are banned from clubs Real huntsmen enjoy the day in the country and watching hounds work, it is not about killing and we are very mindful of a farmers land and are careful about closing gates and not damaging fences etc. Clubs have their traditional hunting areas and aim to preserve the goodwill of the landowners.
There's a local hunt around Thomastown in Kilkenny that did whatever they liked as good few of their members were higher ups. Used to wreck farmers fences, go on to private property, that sort of thing, pure arrogant shits.

One lad lost a few sheep to stray hounds, had fences and gates destroyed, and the cows went running for miles. He went to the hunt looking for compensation, about 10k in total, they told him to piss off.

That particular hunt is pure Scum. Well, they all are, but that one is scummier than most.

The next time the hunt came along, he shot 6/7 dogs. They hunt went over to complain, and he raised the gun and shot a horse. Told them if they weren't going to respect his land and animals safety, he was going to use his gun on their animals.

The Guards were called and said under the law your man had every right to protect his land and animals against any animal on his land, and there was nothing the hunt could do about it. They never went near the area again.

Good for him.
The oldest Hunt Club in the world is Northern Hunt Blackpool at over 250 years,founded by the British Officer Corps of what is now Collins Barracks.
Only scholars, gentlemen and masters of the art of good conversation ,chanting and drinking,allowed membership.
No Latte-Fratti or poseurs need apply..

The archives are great.

My family was involved for a long time in drag hunts.
I have a picture somewhere of the draghunt club members standing outside the north cathedral surrounded by their dogs. I must find it. My grandad and oldest uncle are in it so it must be from tge 1940s.

I can remember going to drag hunts out by clogheen when i was a child.
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