Ferry Culture

I don't know if there are long trip/overnight ferries from Cork to England or France, but I am told that riding in one is like attending the third day of an orgy with screaming drunks tripping in each other's vomit from drinking duty free booze and smoking too many duty free cigs. Is that what they are like?
I think you are in a time warp---most of the ferries are like luxury liners and I never saw any orgy or screaming drunks!
P&O were losing £2million a week.

Having said that will they be returning all the Covid money they received from to the Government on the Mainland?
Haven't got a ferry in over 25 years. Anytime I ever checked it was more expensive then flights and hiring a car.
Last time was the bus and boat to London.
I hope you went with CIE at the time, I hope you were not one of my passengers
You were driving buses 25+ years ago?
Your Pres reunions must be hilarious. I'm MD of a major International company...I'm chief naval officer of the Irish navy.
Emm I drove the overnight abortion bus to London.

It might have been you m8.
Of course at the time I thought it was just a fat ugly woman but now I'm more enlightened.
Carsie Blanton
The White Horse, Ballincollig

13th Apr 2024 @ 8:30 pm
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Kacper Rucinski (Polish Comedian)

City Limits, Today @ 8pm

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