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You’re telling porkies pretending I didn’t address it. My last response in fact was:

When did TG say that - UCC has been based on the Southside since its inception, though it does have some ancillary departments quite a distance from the main campus. There's even a small bit of UCC on the North Mall, and old St Vincents, but given that RTC/CIT/MTU is also sited on the soutside as well I think there was an acknowledgement that there should be efforts to site more of the peripheral campus on the northside. Good Shephard Convent was earmarked for just such a phase I think. But like with the Polefield political promises aren't worth the paper they're not written on.
The ill-fated proposed CUBS was supposed to go ahead ...yup south of the river again. But that's academic (pardon the pun) now as it's likely to be a victim of "Project Alpha" and never see the light of day. It was seen as a vanity project anyway.

As for who'd serve your area better - TG would be much more in tune with the issues on the ground in Knocka and indeed much of the northside than would Mullins imho. As for who'd have their hands on the levers of power to actually get something done once they found out about it, probably Mullins

How the fuck can you address something before it was posted?
When you repeat post the same point if the point was addressed in response to one of the earlier posts. It's hardly rocket science like.
You insinuated that TG never said such a thing, and then waffled on about outreach programmes and other such irrelevances.

I then posted a link and the quote where he was moaning about the unfairness of getting 2 buses.

And that point, which demonstrated his clueness, you are claiming you addressed before it was posted.

As for rocket science?
There was no such award back in the 80s.

He wasn't top of his class (there was 30 odd 1Hs in his class and he was one of them).

He is however a very capable and personable character, whose success in business would make him a very effective politician.

His background is the same as Tommy G (Council estate in Knocka), and they would have been in the same year in the Mon ( Johnny was in the AG but that was decided on the entrance exam )

He certainly never had a chip on his shoulder about being from the northside (unlike Mr Gould who claims that UCC by its location discriminates against Northsiders )

Which one would serve your area better?
He won Graduate of the Year in 1989.
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