European and Local elections thread.

Labour say they want to maintain LPT at a certain level as it will benefit Dublin as a city, SF want it dropped and eventually abolished,

It sounds like a fair system or whatever, but in the UK the person responsible for Council tax in a rental situation is actually the tenant.

So it becomes a tax on people who don't own assets too, which sort of makes things worse.

It's also really not cheap, at all.
Well at least you're making the counter argument.
The difference between you and I on this is that I do not see why we should cut our noses off to spite our faces when no one else is doing so.

I don't believe we can stop the 1.5°C increase.
Even if all the countries I mentioned did what we are doing. Your argument is - maybe not but we should try.
My argument is - ok we should try but not go so far as to damage ourselves in the process.

That doesn't mean I hate the Greens or I'm a climate change denier or anything of the sort.

We should do what we can absolutely.
But we should do it knowing that the planetary temperature will rise 1-2°C minimum because being a planetary process we can't stop it. When the world went into lock down it made no difference to global warming. So yes do what we can but also plan for inevitable climate migration, resource scarcity globally and plan for that as well as trying to slow global warming because it can't be stopped without the countries I mentioned.
Is your argument that we show the white flag to climate change and all its consequences (or lack thereof for the conspiracy theorists among you), or somehow bully Russia etc to clean up now ….or else…
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