EPL - Final table projections

Now that the half way stage has been reached, it's a good time to look at points targets.

Survival at the bottom won't require a big total compared to other seasons by the looks of things. Targets should probably be set at 33 or 34 points but it's possible that 31 may be enough.

Fourth place will probably be the hottest contest ever and I reckon the target should be around 71 or 72 points with maybe a low of 69 being good enough.

The title race is probably the most interesting and hard to predict. I suppose anything over 90 will win it but given United's problems with injury and City's lack of experience it's possible that the second half of the seaon may not yield as many points as the first for the top two. It's possible that high 80s will do the trick, but 90 should probably be the target.
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