Epic moment from Alex Jones on Infowars


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Alex Jones is a meme and thats about it.

Listen when I tell you that you are a clueless, smug and an out of date leftist who doesn’t know or can’t fathom how cringe she is.

And you’re next move will be you thinking I support Jones

Jones is a joke that you fucking idiots have made serious

Weren't you whinging yesterday about some other poster not being able to post without getting emotional? Seems you are struggling with that yourself.

Run along now incel boy, take your impotent rage somewhere else....
Even his stupid lawyer hates him.

All those e-mails etc now open for exposure should be an interesting read for all that right-wing conspiracy correspondence.


LAWYER: “You’ve been broadcasting a picture of our judge on fire, correct?”


LAWYER: *Shows pic of him broadcasting judge on fire*
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