Electric Scooters

Anyone have any experience or know anything about these?

I reckon a scooter would be well handy for flying in and out to work as I only have 8.5kms each way and I wouldnt have to deal with traffic. So I started looking at regular scooters and came across the electric versions which I didnt know existed.

I cycle everywhere usually but I have recently moved a bit further out and the cycle is a bit long for starting a day of meetings after it and potentially being rained on.

I am thinking of buying this one from a retailer here. Before people start telling me buy a car/ proper motor bike etc, I have a car that I will be keeping but I do not want to use it for work as Dublin is a pain in the hole in cars, parking costs a fortune, and I definitely do not want to own a second car.


Ive been reading a bit on line today and it seems that they are really cheap to run, take 6-8 hours to charge and will do 65kms on 1 charge. All this sounds ideal as I could plug it in out in the garage as needed at the 65km would probably do me for 4 days and cost 70 cent. On the other hand some suggest that they are shit at going up hills over a certain incline etc but you never know who writes these reviews, besides my journey to work is on the flat anyway and Dublin is much flatter than Cork regardless.
I think city view wheels on blarney street do the electric bicycles might be worth a look ....................................... don't do it today though , all us lunatics from the north main street will be up that way once the fuzz run us out of town.
was thinking of getting a scooter for small deliveries but they seemed a tad expensive

I dropped into a scooter shop earlier. they had 4 different ones for sale 2nd hand and all were between 700-900 with 3-5k mileage and approx 05-06

vespas are more expensive as I suppose they are better designed/built and are iconic I suppose so resale values are good
scooter wise you'd want a 125 rather than a 50cc - something not restricted to 30mph. these slow ones are supposed to be safer but having every car come up behind you try to overtake you is unnerving.

electric scooters would need a fair bit of research. the charge frequently doesn't hold as long as advertised.

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