Stop fucking them then!

but you wake up after the few scoops and they're just there, rotating on your shaft like a rotating kebab.

So they say eggs are a healthy breakfast, which is great as i love them. Had them this morning. They say scrambled eggs and brown toast are a healthy breakfast. Winning!!
But then they say Fried Eggs are bad....?:confused:

Now tell me can 2 eggs scrambled with butter and better for you than 2 eggs fried in a tiny drop of EV olive oil........

How does that!?!?!

I don't like the taste of eggs fried in olive oil, I would mostly use sunflower or rapeseed oil, or an interesting flavour use coconut oil which is the healthiest for frying as it tolerates higher heat than the other oils.

scrambled eggs should be cooked on very low heat which is why they are considered healthier. Mostly scrambled eggs are horrible cos they are cooked to fast at too high heat, which makes them taste like the rubbery shit you usually get served. I often use the coconut oil for scrambled eggs to, or just butter, both which tolerate heat better than olive oil.

These 2 experts could teach most who vandalise eggs how to do it to give best taste.


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