Earphones - why they don't do the job


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I like sound to calm down, but I find those small yokes in your ears are crap.

I bought the big expensive ones but they don't do it either.

I want sound banging against walls and windows.

How can I get that with earphones?

And no, turning them up doesn't work.


This is what you're looking for.

Fairly reasonably priced, for what you are getting.

Beyerdynamic, is for life if you look after em, you'll never need another set of headphones. This is the kinda thing, you'll be able to leave to someone in your will. :)

Beyerdynamic T-5p 2ND Generation


Beyerdynamic T-5p 2ND Generation dynamic headphones, dynamic, closed back, over ear design, frequence range 5 - 50000 Hz, impendance 32 thomann Ohms, nominal sound pressure level 102 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz), power handling capacity 300 mW, Tesla technology, two-way cable run, audiophile - textile-Coated connecting cable with 1,4 m length, gold-plated 3-pole stereo plug an 6,3 mm adapter, weight without cable 350 g, includes hard case, 5 thomann years manufacturer warranty




I guess, quality costs.

They were probably a bit OTT for what you really need. Sennheiser , make some excellent entry level cans, that are much more affordable . Frequency range, would be a bit less but you probably wouldn't really notice it, unless you were mixing brass instruments. I'd also recommend Sennheiser for durability and quality. I'm got a few bits and pieces knocking around from the 90s, that are still working well.

These are quite large, not really for walking around with, I'm assuming these are for home use. I wouldn't recommend any of this stuff for walking around though.

Sennheiser HD-650



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