The only thing she had going for her politically imho, was the fact that her father, despite being a blueshirt, was a statesman. He was one of the better politicians from this city.

Yeah - born into wealth but never refused a request for help or information, regardless of background.
His daughter nice enough but had no real political instinct like he had. Unlike her dad, she finds it difficult to engage with people outside her own milieu.
Telling that she lost her seat in 2011 when FG winning all around them. Think she was the only sitting FG td to lose out.
Lost out to Jerry Buttimer, who whatever his faults, not afraid to knock on every door from morning to night and ask for the vote. Deirdre thought her name and expensive ad campaign in the Examiner and Echo would do the job.
Think her election team didn't see McGrath holding his seat either and expected her to sail in.
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30th May 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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