De Tunnel

All in all they have done a good job on this project with the exception of east to west, they've made a hames of that.

I work in little Island and it's a nightmare anywhere near 4 o clock on wards.

Was taking the Dublin exit this morning and twas backed up past the turnoff from the tunnel at about half 9.

Id hate to be heading that direction at rush hour
I'm perplexed by the upgrade to be truthful
It should be working in theory
Click on the links below.
Will probably not be the same later so it's just a snapshot now.
Are people scared of the tunnel Traffic backed up, coming from West in to Tunnel Traffic flowing freely at speed up the other side.
There’s probably twice the amount of traffic on it now from people taking the wrong exit and then having to come back around again to find the correct one. (Ok ok I speak for myself!)
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

8th Nov 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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