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Great thread idea. Challanging build in that it is built through mud and had to be done in 2 havlves with massive cofferdams as can be seen in the pic above.

I have seen sketches of the bridge originally planned and it was a suspension type but the access ramps were massive to allow ships pass underneath.

When the tunnel opened i knew of cobh people working in ringaskiddy who would drive the long way around and through the tunnel rather than pay for the ferry.

There was also a proposal for a causeway and a tidal barrier incorporated into it to protect us from tide rises with the added benefit of full tide downtown all the time thus allowing the river to become a better transport and amenities area. The docks would have had to go .... but hey, they’re going now anyway
The will use a camera based toll like the M50.

Infrastructure is already in place on the M50. Simple to extend it to Jack Lynch Tunnel. Just install gantries on the exit and entry approach roads and off you go.

€3 to go Southside and €0.50 to go Northside
They should of upgraded the Dunkettle interchanged 2r3 years ago but Na our centric pale government put back to 2020.De Tunnel has become a disaster,carpark half the time

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