De Irish Times 'all men are bastards' thread


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More of it..

Lazy teenagers.....thats our fault too.

'Conn O’Donovan of Cork Cycling Campaign spoke at an Oireachtas committee this week and said that, in 2016, no teenage girls cycled to school in more than 120 towns'.

Breda thinks women should be irate about imaginary cyclists.
Read the room, your sisters have parked the outrage as the perp wasnt Irish.

'It is true that women learn from an early age that the world is not safe, that they must constantly be on the alert, that the threat of rape is ever present'.

Is it true or is it just your opinion presented as fact.

Conn O'Donovan - enough said. The guy is a complete and utter 🤡

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Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world, yeah we have violent crime but they are rare and it is precisely because of this that murderers when they do happen are so traumatic.

The usual dipshits in da meeja and the permanently outraged online operators seized on this to push their lazy man bashing agenda.

They wern't long quietening down once the identity of the accused was revealed.

A right bunch of spazzers.

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