Where is the mega-thread discussion about motorists and the deaths they cause on our road?

Nah, fuck that, lets's have a moan about cyclists in a thread that is near on 10 years old.

The people here giving out are old men with not much else to offer the world. They used to be able to give out about da Black's or da Ghays, but these days it's no longer acceptable to do so... so they moan about cyclists instead.
Same tired old rubbish John. Comparing the hardships of slavery and homophobia to cyclists like they were some kind of race is not a good look.


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Did I hurt your feelings petal? It's okay if you have a shitty education. Your life chances are still good if you are young ;)

As to the bigger picture, do you mean the score of people being killed by cyclists?
Fuck off to the Meta Universe to find out that reality.

Meanwhile in the real world, ill call out dumb uneducated fucks like you all day long with their dinosaur views.
John, make up your mind will you please.

You said twice this evening that I was retired and now you are asking am I young ?

So what is it, or are you too rattled 🤣🤣🤣?

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