The funniest thing I've ever seen on this thread is the arrogance and ignorance of cyclists against the farmer that posted that.
All he did was fight fire with fire.
I for one when on country roads over the summer months and can see machinery in the fields will be more cautious. Don't see why cyclsists can't exercise more caution or share the road with a bigger vehicle.
At the end of the day if you're taking on rural roads yanno you should expect to meet a few tractors.
Did all road users who share the road remember the slogan 'Expect the unexpected'. As I said above in summer month you would expect to see a tractor on a rural road.

Keeps going back to we all share the road. If cyclists had a small bit understanding and less entitlement the world would be a better place.

A farmer who provides with milk, veg, meat etc who has more tractors on the road during the summer months to make sure they can run a feasible farm during the winter and cyclists have a problem.
If cyclists have a problem they should stop buying milk, veg and meat in their local shops.

Cyclists with arrogance and ignorance are the reason cyclists have a bad name, drivers who actually do something wrong in RTB's videos (not all his videos end up in court or get charged because there's nothing there) give all drivers a bad name that's just life.
To be fair, most cyclists are grand.. just going about their business going from A to B as best they can.. as we all do as road users.

But then you get the Sean Kelly, Lycra clad militant speed merchants who believe that they have a god given right to cycle as fast as they can with no regard to anyone else.
So much do that they post up on social media if an old woman is trying to cross or a wheel chair bound individual is trying to get across a road.
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