Cork u20 Hurling 2023

Cummins was very complimentary in his analysis last night towards Cork on TSG and so was Dowling. Both said what we are all saying on here about this is just what Cork has been crying out for in terms of physicality.
Agree with you. As of Today, not one of the 20s would start.. maybe Cunninghan, Mullins or Saunderson might make the panel last Sunday.. A long road ahead for all these lads.. I can’t wait to see who of the lessor lights might come out of the pack and make the seniors..
This AI U20 should be enjoyed for what it is. A brilliantly encouraging victory.
The way Cork literally physically bullied while demolishing Offaly with greater hurling, skill set and teamwork was fantastic to watch.
Think of us 12 months down the line playing Limerick in the Munster championship with a half foward line of Deccie, Seamus and Tim battering the fuck out of them and with 20 minutes to go we look to the bench for game changers and we see Ben Cunningham and Diarmuid Healy sitting there. That excites me
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