Cork Pubs Irish pints review

Thanks for posting, very interesting video.

Great to see him feature such top Cork City pubs as the Oval, The Mutton Lane Inn, and the Sin É.

Seems like a nice man too.

Yeah, his pub choice was descent. He also did some research alright. 11-22 with 11.5 pints he was in a beast mode hahaha 31 quid return trip from Manchester :)
The Gables on Douglas Street is the only pub in Cork you should be drinking Guinness in.

I don't know what the hell they're doing in there but the Guinness is better than anything you'll taste anywhere, Dublin included.

It's not even my favorite pub or anything but their pints make everywhere else in Cork feel like a 7/10.
Back in my Beamish days
Tom Lynchs
Spailpain( buddies but not influenced) Fransciscian well - decent place Buddy runs a great pub
Do you know what confuses me about that video?

He took a daytrip to Cork, arriving on an early morning flight, and went somewhere to get food.

How the fuck did he end up at the River Lee Hotel? It's not like you'd get into a taxi and ask to be brought somewhere that does good food, and the driver says "oh yeah, sher the River Lee Hotel, where else".

I just don't get how a fella on a daytrip to Cork would land at the airport and start his day out at the River Lee Hotel. He didn't even go to any pubs near it like.
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