Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Regarding supporters of other counties I think there probably isn't any real difference from one county to another. There are nice people and not so nice people everywhere.

However, being from North Cork and close to the Tipp and Limerick borders I find Tipperary people very good to interact with. They know how to win and they know how to lose as well. This come from being successful over long periods of time. They support their county loudly but are generally gracious in victory and defeat.
I was delighted with the win on Sunday but I genuinely hope Tipperary will not be down for long.... not down certainly but marginally below Cork as well obviously.

I think some Limerick supporters are struggling to cope with being good winners after nearly 50 years without an All Ireland. It is understandable but after a while the understanding wears thin.

I think we in Cork also need to understand that the supporters of other counties in Munster have watched Cork and Tipp dominate Munster hurling for decade after decade and in Corks case there are sometimes brief periods of domination in football also.
You can understand how these supporters are happy to see Cork in the doldrums

I think they may be in for some more unhappy times over the coming years.
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The problem with bring Ciaran Joyce into the team now is who should be left out ?
Joyce could play all across the half back line, in midfield and probably centre forward as well but who deserves to lose out ? I can't think of anyone.

I shows the real strength of the team and it also raises the bar for every starting player to have such talent just bursting to get back in.
I agree, I think that people screaming for him to get back in immediately need to realise that the team that finishes the game is as important as the team that starts. It's by no means a slight on Joyce or his ability.
There is a fundamental difference between the start and finish of championship games, particularly in terms of pace and marking and physicality, Sundays game vs tipp especially the second half was a non contact sport as tipp were net up a stick and looked spent tbh, on thst basis judging players who came on is dangerous imo.
The battle was there to be won in the first half when it was a battle, I would see little reason to change the starting team from the last 2 days out and the main jostling for position should be amongst 16-26. I think some of the subs Sunday in the second half were on the basis of the game being won and giving fellas game time tbh m.
The defence is certainly better, Coleman gave his best display in years and the spine of the team is clearly stronger.
Hopefully cork get through to the next round, the team have come on a tonne, but the difference in performance from the Waterford game to the Clare game and from the Clare game to the limerick game were on the basis of the better selection firstly and a better use of the panel in particular vs limerick
I agree, I think that people screaming for him to get back in immediately need to realise that the team that finishes the game is as important as the team that starts. It's by no means a slight on Joyce or his ability.
Yep, finishing with a stronger team than you start with is a strategy you'd see a fair bit these days across sport

I was only having this conversation last night with a selector agonising about which 5 of 6 players to start across 2 lines in a club match based on who was better than who.. made no odds to me as I see all 6 playing. We need to get our match-ups right on the day, far more important. The best laid plans could be up in the air with an injury after 5 mins. Good argument to say you let the defence start as they were, see how they're going, and when Joyce comes in for someone struggling he should bolster that position significantly

PR sees it, SK is a prime example - he's vital for us but wont be starting
Amen brother, even if Dalton just hit his frees, thumps his marker a good bit, preferably a dead leg or two, it set up nicely for Kingston to come on...
I have massive time for Dalton and he is the lad who puts it up to Limerick the most in the physical stakes, a bit anonymous last Sunday but not saying for a moment he didn't get through trojan work off the ball. I would always have him as a starter with the likes of Kingston coming on for him later in the match.

On Joyce I wouldn't put him in as 6, not because he can't do a good job but because it is Downey's best position, I always have the fear he is going to get turned too easily on the wing and he has really grown into the 6 role now. Being cut throat I would probably put Joyce in for TOM.
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