Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Its fierce hard for kids.

There was a young fella outside the pairc after the Clare match with a drum sitting on the ground bawling his eyes out. I wanted to go give him a hug 😕
It is tough for them but I think they are learning life lessons all the while.. kids are so sheltered from adversity (including my own!) its unbelievable.

On the way down my young fella was telling me it was the 4th time I'd brought him to Thurles, we had won 1, lost 2.. and then he got to enjoy Sunday. 50/50 overall with a Munster Final win in there for him
What ever you say about kilkenny fans the Clare fans are way worse,the amount of abuse we got last year after they beat us in th football was unbearable.Animals is all they are.
Couldnt agree more. Clare fans are a fierce shower of k*nts altogether. Remember the AI replay we lost to them in '14. No joy with them at all afterwards, just a sour bunch. I was in the hill that day in with a cluster of cork fans, and they started hurling plastic glasses down on top of us at the end. Pricks.
As much as I'm enjoying the notion of this its not happening! KK wont ever lie down like Tipp did.. as much as I cant stand the sight of them, they aways die with their boots on

They see the AI title as their birth right. Helped by Leinster being both recently and historically a much easier path to AI series but unlike Tipp, never satisfied by the "one in a row". After losing out in 2010, they were back to claim four of the next five titles.

They think they're in a famine now as it's been nine years since their last win!
We lost it by 3 points but Kilkenny were 7/8 points a better team that day. Our late goal flattered us.
It was the day Kilkenny first introduced the smother tackle. Jackie Tyrell mentioned it in his book. They didn't follow Cody's instructions that day; they followed their own inclinations which was to stop Cork from hurling - and they did very little fouling, unlike later games! Cork's late goal was a good one, though. Niall Mac soloing to the end line and crossing it back into Ben's hand and Ben sending a low drive to the back of the net. There was no celebrating by Cork players, though. they knew there wouldn't be time for another.

It was disappointing, but I never realised the disappointing years to come.
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