Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Some of the criticism of these guys drives me nuts, I said it to the fella sitting next to me who decided Collins should have caught the high ball into the box in the 2nd half instead of batting. No consideration given for the fact that he was looking directly into the sun

Collins was excellent yesterday, his pick outs were immense. No doubt a better flick on the ball for the goal would have been better, but he made the save and it’s the defense have the bigger questions to answer for how it all unfolded
Anyone else a small bit worried that there’ll be an unofficial deal on Sunday to knock Cork out? Please tell me that’s insane.
That's Insane

However, Davy is a serious motivator - he'll surely get disciplined for yesterday and then he'll be a Martyr. A draw is a possibility but Limerick are far more clinical than Clare and I expect them to win comfortably
Gave a free against Connolly in second half then when a fella ran into him. Game was well over at that stage to be fair.
Exactly. I thought it was a free to Maher; I felt Twomey charged through him. Then the ref penalised Connolly for the exact same in the second half. Something that really annoys me is refs referring the scoreboard. The amount of handy frees he gave Tipp was a joke. Also the Hoggie goal. It might sound petty but you never know how score difference might come into it. We are +15, Limerick +16.
He didn't scoop it, he saved it, why was there an unmarked player? You should have stuck to the cricket because you know f'all about hurling or goalkeeping. :lol!:
Where should he have "scooped" the point blank save?

Looks like my interest in many sports (I'm from Cork - get over it :cool: ) has you rattled again.

Imho the keeper should have deflected it wide of the posts (see that first half save from the Tipp keeper) rather than shoveling it out centrally to an unmarked incoming forward - who was unmarked because his marker had run across to try close down space on the guy who took the initial shot.
Am I the only one who thinks it’s pure insanity to think Joyce doesn’t go right back to 6 when fully healthy? It feels like there are a lot of posters with short memories. Coleman was written off as a wing back by a lot of posters too. How’d that look today? Joyce being left out or moved is even nuttier. He’s arguably their best player. Revisionist history now has him seriously flawed as a guy who roams all over the place and doesn’t defend well enough. What?! Who have these posters been watching the last few years? Joyce is a tremendous center back and he cannot lose his place due to injury.

Downey deserves to start as well. He should take the 5 spot. He’s been very good. For some reason the last two weeks he seems asleep at the throw in but that’s the anomaly clearly. Joyce centering that line with Coleman and Downey is what I want to see. Millerick to come in for whichever wing back isn’t on form.

Downey's had two great games at centreback - I wouldn't move him
Anyone else a small bit worried that there’ll be an unofficial deal on Sunday to knock Cork out? Please tell me that’s insane.
Would be a travesty if it happened as we are building up a head of steam but unfortunately it is out of our hands now.
Waterford know a draw will do to qualify and Davy Fitz will have them primed for a big performance.
Anyone else a small bit worried that there’ll be an unofficial deal on Sunday to knock Cork out? Please tell me that’s insane.
I was thinking that too last night, teams would rather face anyone but Cork at the moment knowing the strength we have. Wanna be very well choreographed game for a draw, not to mention how risky it is if someone tries to score the "equaliser" at the death and it goes wide and then your team are out. Wouldn't mind a Waterford win...then the All Ireland really opens up.
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