Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Yeah the heat will play a big part. Time for the young fellas to come on later and run their legs off. Good game. Did wel to come back after goal and finish the half strong. Few bad wides for both sides.
Barrett has to our most improved player. Always gave 100% but is now looking a decent player

Having Connolly and FittzGibbon back is vital. Game changers
Barrett is having a stormer of a game. He is creating loads for others to score but they’ve let him down (shooting wides) until Connolly finally rewarded Barrett’s exhausting work.
2 x Downeys have been immense.

Hasn’t happened for Harnedy.

Ethan was getting rinsed.

Barret and Fitz flying.

Forward not showing the work rate of last week.
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1st Jul 2024 @ 8:15 pm
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Crane Lane Theatre, Tomorrow @ 11pm

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