Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Cork don’t mind plying in Thurles. Home from Home 🤞
True we have a good record up there but the weeks rest and preparation will stand to tipp.

I still fancy us to beat them but I’d never ever write of a Tipp team.

Of all the connotations mentioned in this last few weeks for Cork to progress the biggest long shot of all was toppling Limerick, the rest seem more likely but there is no easy games in Munster hurling and every week so far we’ve seen unacceptable twists.
Certainly not writing off Tipp. They’d like nothing better than putting us out. But Thurles won’t phase us. And a competitive game and the selfconfidence generated coming back against 4 in a row Limerick is every bit as good as training just as long as we’ve no injuries from it 🙏
Hayes clearly laughing in Daltons face & calling him a cunt as he left the field with Limerick on top, only for Hayes to fuck it all up for Limerick was kind of poetic.
The guy is a complete tramp, I’m delighted it was him who blew it and let his teammates manager and supporters down.

I’ve lot of admiration for most of the Limerick team but not that Trollope
There’s a lot to be said for momentum, imagine the lads will be hopping for Tipp next week after that.

Tipp had extra time to prepare for Limerick too and we saw how that went, won’t be an easy game by any means as Tipp will be fighting to stay alive too, but we’ve been growing with every game so there’s nothing to fear, roll on next weekend!
Kiely is a good (hurling) man and anyone with a sporting bone in their body can only admire the Limerick group, bar a couple of high profile exceptions, for what they have done, they are probably the best team to ever play the game, and still odds on to win the A-I.
I’d have been with you on Kiely the “good” man before he backed Hayes publicly this year.
There’s a young lad in Limerick who did fuck all only be in the wrong place at the wrong time for Hayes to batter him, by all accounts the same young fella has gotten all sorts of abuse on social media and in person. For Kiely to publicly come out in support of Hayes was both unnecessary (Hayes was always getting off) and did nothing to help this young fella. If Kiely had come out and asked the Limerick “fans” to leave the lad be would have been the way to go, not backing the gobshite that caused it all.
congrats lads!! Some game of Hurling and ye were the better team and deserved the win.

I thought we had a chance to close it out when going 4 ahead with 8-9 mins to go but fair play to Cork who took the game to us and finished much stronger.

Finn was a big loss and the performance of young o connor shows that we don't have the depth on the bench some say we have.

Byrnes had an awful game and Hannon's legs were gone with 10 to go but no sign of COlin Coughlan until the very end. That says a lot about how good Kiely thinks he is.

Never seen Cian Lynch as quiet and our half forward line very well beaten.

Hegarty is frustrating to watch. Scores two lovey points and sets up a goal in a 15 min spell but then looks disinterested and lazy for most of the game.

This could be a wake up call for a few of these players but with Mike and Peter Casey injured and O donovan not fit yet and Finn possibly injured too Kiely has to stick with the same players as last night

Id fancy us to Beat Waterford but wouldn't write off Davy coming up with a plan to disrupt us yet

Congrats again lads. Enjoy it and best of luck against Tipp.
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