Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Who said anything about agreeing? You said this

Your club elected a management team of former players and members who according to your brainless statement don’t watch hurling. Do try remember now.

Still zero logical points from the two self elected owners of the thread, just jabs and sarcasm as usual.
So you totally ignored this.....

no need to be digging a deeper hole for yourself because like we all know club hurling is exactly the same as inter county hurling :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
But shur you would have to go to matches to know that :rolleyes:
I’m blown away by some of the posts here. For the love of God can we stop the nonsense about moving Joyce. We couldn’t find an answer at 6 for the longest time. The answer is emphatically found and now some want to move him? Madness.

Coleman was a very good #7 before he was screwed up by a move to #6. The guy was out for a year and he’s been back for a game a quarter and people are questioning him already. Let him settle in! He looked great off the bench against Kilkenny. He looked ok vs Waterford. He’ll be a great #7 if he’s let at it.
Last time I heard Pat Ryan and his selectors will pick the team. The posters on this site, despite some of them believing they are god’s gift to hurling, are irrelevant.
And thank God for that.

Ok lads are entitled to give an opinion. But some on here are the self appointed owners of every thread they become involved with. If they don't agree with someone elses opinion they resort to sarcasm, snide remarks and name calling.

I'm all for a bit of banter but no need for that nosense.
And I actually agree with you on how good he would at midfield but unfortunately we have a real lack of lads with that ability to catch a high ball under pressure. Joyce is one of the best around at that. And while long ball on top of a half back line isn’t seen as much as before… in the white heat of championship it will still happen a lot (see how much the Clare and limerick half back lines do this) and that’s when we need Joyce on the 45 lifting the team and driving out
Waterford are putrid

Was talking to a pal from Waterford who is reasonably confident they can beat Tipp in the first round(says that in recent years in both league and championship they've a good record against them). Says then they'll face Cork in Cork's first game down in W'ford with a much improved team over that which played in the Pairc on Sunday.

He says they'll get nothing in Limerick - aside from a couple of games against Galway they've not won a Munster championship game in Limerick since 1963 he reckons, and they don't do well away in Clare either.

If they get two wins on the board in their first two games they'll be one of the three to progress I think. It'll be a very different Waterford team come the championship so I wouldn't be writing them off just yet.
I wouldn't dream of taking Joyce out of centre backs lads. The decade we had of teams running down our center is seared into my brain and just in case I was in any danger of forgetting it we got a timely reminder in the Kilkenny game of what happens when Joyce is missing.

I think there's serious competition in the full backline for places. There's no definite starter there anymore.

For the Offaly game I'd start with


E Roche
D Cahalane
E Downey

G Millerick
C Joyce
R Downey

T O Connell
M Coleman

T O Mahoney
D Fitzgibbon (Ryan said yesterday he's available)
S Twomey

J O Connor
A Connelly
S Barrett
That would be very close to the team I would pick for championship if it were next week.
I think Dalton , if fit, may well start and O Donoghue of course.
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