Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Couple of positives from yesterday. Hayes played well, JOC played very well. Pitch time for Harnedy and Connolly. Oh and not to forget winning and getting the points.

The game itself was awful, like a practice game. Again, important to remember its a league game in February, but I'm not sure the pick of both teams would have beaten Limerick Saturday night.
You could say that about every single team in the country for the past 4 years, only KK and Clare have beaten them in championship since 2019?
And it made eff all difference to how Clare's season went last year.
Davy talking Cork up for the first round of ch'ship by saying Cork are in the "top 1 or 2" for the AI. He would've said they're the best in the country only then it would be too obvious.
Davy's a hard case, he winds people up but I don't mind him at all.

He went on a mad eff rant post match, one minute I was listening to it on Red FM, the next it cut to rugby or something 😂 🤣
Coleman often plays in the half forward line for Blarney.
I maintain he'd be very dangerous at center forward for Cork. He'd be able to roam and he's very accurate so could bag 2 or 3 points most games. Would also pose a question for opposition center backs. Do they hold the center or let a player the calibre of Coleman relatively free in the hope a midfielder or wing forward tracks back to get him all the time.
I'd say that ship has sailed though. Ryan has kept him in the halfback line since his return so I'd imagine that's where he will remain.
Change Coleman for Fitzgibbon and i would totally agree with you. Not sure Rob Downey can be left out of our championship team so I expect to see Mark make an appearance at midfield in the next game or two
If A Connolly played for 70 mins and scored what JOC scored most on here would have him straight in to the championship team. But JOC while praised for his performance would barely make the subs bench and others calling for him to do it again.
If we have a fully fit O Flynn ,O Connor and D Fitz they would be on my team to face Limerick.
It’s called consistency blue, when Jack strings 2 or 3 games together like yesterday he will have to come into the reckoning, but till then he has a bit to go
Things beginning to get serious now panel wise and I hope the selectors now start being a little more ruthless in handing out jerseys

In goal I’d give Saunderson the goalies jersey for Offaly and then see where he stands.

Eoin Downey and Eoin Roche should both start against Offaly. They probably need an experienced man back there with them so Niall or Sean in the corner

Ger Millerick and Rob Downey woukd be my championship wing backs but for Offaly I’d start Damien at 5 and Rob at 7 with Mark at 6

Ciaran Joyce and Tommy O Connell would be some dynamic midfield. I actually think we need Ciaran more here than at 6. It’s worth a look anyway

Shane Barrett at 11 (I’m presuming Fitzy is still going to be missing) with Sean Twomey and Tim O Mahony on the wings

Brian Hayes, Alan Connolly and Jack O Connor inside. Use Seamus and Hoggy as impact subs to see how it goes

We are slowly getting a shape to our team
I had a look at the panel that was named for the last championship game we played
Of the 26 named. Ger Collins, Cadogan and Power are gone. ROF, Coleman, O Callaghan, Connolly are back
Barring injuries and those four back on the panel and Saunderson coming in, there isn't a whole pile of room for any one else unless more will dropped, who though?

The championship panel will be largely the same as the league one, with matchday 26s being tweaked due to injuries, suspensions, and players showing form or lack thereof. I'd say there's around twenty players who would be fairly sure to make a 26 if fit, but those last six or seven places are wide open.

(My list of players who would make pretty much any 26: Collins, Saunderson, Cahalane, O'Donoghue, Downey X2, Coleman, Joyce, Millerick, O'Connell, Fitzgibbon, Dalton, S. Twomey, O'Mahony, Harnedy, O'Flynn, Hoggy, Connolly, Lehane. That's my best guess at which the management would go for. Of the players not on that list, I'd say O'Leary is next in line, but I could see a scenario where E. Roche is preferred.)
I wouldn't dream of taking Joyce out of centre backs lads. The decade we had of teams running down our center is seared into my brain and just in case I was in any danger of forgetting it we got a timely reminder in the Kilkenny game of what happens when Joyce is missing.

I think there's serious competition in the full backline for places. There's no definite starter there anymore.

For the Offaly game I'd start with


E Roche
D Cahalane
E Downey

G Millerick
C Joyce
R Downey

T O Connell
M Coleman

T O Mahoney
D Fitzgibbon (Ryan said yesterday he's available)
S Twomey

J O Connor
A Connelly
S Barrett
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