Cork Hurlers - Part 2

That’s a strong side for January! Great to seeRobbie back in the side and Michael Mullins on the bench
Agree with you to a point on this occasion red&blue BUT That's a very dubious half forward line Conor lehane and Darragh flynn should definitely not be playing side by side . Start one not two
7 from last years 26? They've the luxury of more experimentation and rest than Cork do I guess. Ethan Hurley is one to watch.

We've a stronger team than I thought we'd put out. Seems like PR wants to nail down his best side and combinations early doors this year. Makes sense when you look at how last year panned out with injuries and form of a few lads leading to a lack of rhythm and consistency in key areas in the championship. Only challenge, as others have referenced, we've a rake of good lads from no.25 to no.40 and their window of opportunity is pretty small it seems. I can see us having league selections that will only be 1 or 2 selections off a strongest team... so it will beg the question as to whether minimal change to the first 20 odd players is enough to make the breakthrough?

Kingston and Lehane sum this up perfectly. 2 of the best forwards in the Cork club game without a doubt. 2 consistent scoring forwards in IC championship hurling. They look in great condition and have all the speed, skill etc. They will impress in the league and may even deliver a motm performance in one of the munster championship games. Problem is both lads have come up short at knockout stage - hot or cold, and they struggle to win a ball when the chips are down in the last 10 mins of these type of games. They've both improved a lot in terms of defensive work and tackling but off a low base and tend to foul more than others. I don't know the answer to how you deal with this dynamic... it was a big factor in the gaelic grounds last year that's for sure. Would love to see the 2 of them prove everyone wrong and go and win an AI with this cork team but I think it's time for Twomey, Cunningham, Power etc. to step up. Tipp had similar dilemma with the likes of Pa Bourke (who was a gifted stickman) or Bonner maher.
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