Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Gotta figure that TOM and RF simply aren’t 100%. I’m very leery of Lehane starting. If he doesn’t start well he’s a lost cause.
No you don't gotta figure that at all.
You could figure that they haven't seen any real game time and it's way better to introduce them going down the stretch when Waterford will potentially be feeling the effects of 2 hard games.

Cork will use plenty of that bench, heard Colm Spillane on Our Game this morning say that there's very little between 20 or so players, think he's right.
The backs are the six I picked some days ago if Sean O Donoghue didn't make it. It is a little worrying that he isn't even on the bench.

Brian Roche in midfield is hardly a surprise , nor is Fitzgibbon.

I would guess a two man full forward line with Meade further out the field.

I have not been impressed with Meade or Lehane at all this year but they are in now and I wish them well.

We don't know what influence injuries had on the selection but there are some strong subs on the bench and they will be undoubtedly used.
I think with the chaos that our injury list all season brings , plus the huge panel of about 44 it was always going to be difficult to pick the starting 15 plus panel of 26 No Jack O Connor is he injured as well only 4 of the u20 All-Ireland winning sides starting 6 more in a subs bench that is very strong looking ....the big worry is the returned players after injury how match fit are they ? i guess none of us will know until Sunday ....
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