Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Yeah, the fact Tipp have a glimmer of hope now, but need two results to go their way, could be a help. If they go in at half time and hear Waterford are winning well (which I expect) their heads are bound to drop a little. Obviously you'd hope we just perform ourselves but if it's tight, this could help.
Are you ok?

Kerry wins the Mcdonagh cup against all the odd and their reward is in all likelihood a spanking from Cork/Tipp.
Let's just pretend a miracle happens and they get past Cork/Tipp then they probably don't win a game in Munster and suffer some heavy demoralising defeats. Not good for the development of the game there.

Now instead if they were promoted to Leinster ( a province which hosts all the other provinces already) then they could realistically achieve some results. They could beat Westmeath, they could beat Dublin. Depending on what Wexford turn up they could beat them. They would have a slim outside chance of actually making the top three and qualification for the all Ireland series.

That's how you develop the game in Kerry, not throw them into a can't win situation in Munster.
You really think there's a snowball in hell's chance of Kerry going into Leinster?
Hopefully the lads will drive it on now today. You'd be afraid last week was just a flash in the pan and that being out two weeks in a row will be a factor.

You'd worry that if things aren't going our way like a stupid sending off or two quick goals against us that heads will drop and it'll be back to the inept energyless shambles we were against Limerick and Clare. If the likes of Lehane can repeat his work rate of last week, a big ask I think given his hot/cold tendencies, I think we could be comfortable enough.

Tipp are a very competent outfit though with ferocious work rate but we've got plenty notice of that given their three performances so far. It's so hard to predict.... I suppose that's the magic of championship!

Mon the lads!
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