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Look lads, as mentioned above he's not from West Cork. They have Cork football ruined. It's high time someone up high called this out. You'd think that Counihan not being from there that he'd rattle a few cages.

Year in, year out at all levels they are destroying players who don't hail from their neck of the woods. It’s happening at all ages and by the time some lads reach 20/21 it’s already too late for them. They are lost to football for good.
You would want to get over your anti west-cork agenda Minstrel, what players are not on the panel who should be?
If Murphy was in a proper set up with Dublin or a Kerry , Derry etc . He would be given Multiple chances . Instead a challenge game and a few mins here. Instead we have the same players picked time and time again with complete disregard for their non performances. Literally players who cannot kick the ball from A to B. Ask yourself what the fuck is Clearys vision, to qualify next year for Division 1 after this years shitshow with a bunch of 30 somethings.
From west cork, over 30 and a good gps read
Out after games and your sorted with this set up it seems. It must be biking for younger players not getting a fucking minute and seeing fellas who have been there years unable to kick a ball 30 metres getting taken off in games but never dropped…….i presume our coach will be in Portugal and that is one of the weekends he actually coaches the team?
Absolutely. That clown that was trying to have a dig at him constantly posts rubbish here and always standing up for the Whest ©️ FL Cork mafia. His user name is quite apt :ROFLMAO:
Murphy, Buckley and Gore are all lads who have bags of football. There's a pattern with his team selections to be fair and its doing the team no favours short or long term from what I can see.
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