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Seems like madness but he might need the game to help get up to speed? Either way I don’t see him as the saviour for either Cork football or hurling. He has the size but the skill level is lacking. Great news for his club though.
I think you are wrong about the skill level.

Have you seen him play hurling...not being smart, genuine question?
He's a young lad, only 21 years of age. People would assume its all glitz and glam getting paid to play a sport but the reality is he was only 19 when he went out. Still a boy. He had a crack off it and if it isn't for him that's fine. It'll be great to see him back in the red of Cork. I've seen him play in person in the semi final against Charleville and the final against Clyda Rovers and I wouldn't have said this lad will be a Cork senior hurler, his athleticism and physicality is there but his hurling wasn't at the level you'd expect with a Cork Senior hurler, that being said he's probably played a handful of hurling matches in the last few years so there could be a bit of rust overcoating the potential. I'd like to see him have another go with the footballers. Whatever he decides to do though I wish him the best of luck with it. It's good to have our best players back home
I think you are wrong about the skill level.

Have you seen him play hurling...not being smart, genuine question?
Twice recently and he is definitely a key player for his club, can hurl of course but his physique is definitely his main attribute as opposed to his skill level. And I’d say the same of him in football which I’ve seen more of him and was his primary sport initially.

Of course he will improve for being in with the senior panel but I don’t think he would have got a senior call if he wasn’t who he was. Just an opinion but I hope to god he improved any Cork team. I don’t wish anything bad for him or Cork.
Best of luck to mark Keane I think in a number of years after getting up to speed he could make an impact for the hurlers, the hardest criticism he will face is hurling man meself critics who will focus on every Mis hit or mistake instead of the overall that he will bring to the squad. A big call by management for a player with no senior hurling experience and probably a medium term project.
Talk of Clifford in the same context is crazy, Clifford is a generational talent
I spoke to an Irish Lad that was fairly successful in Aussie Rules - The wages are modest enough - definitely not enough to retire on when playing career ends. Most train for something else - the guy I spoke to was training as a Crane Operator.

Ten years away and you loose touch with your home - friends have moved on, married, started famalies etc. If a guy comes home after 10 years, it's not easy to settle back in.

Some guys are very connected to family and much prefer the life style here.

Good luck to the guy. Hope he lines out for his county.

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