Cork Club Championships i would assert that the county senior championship would be to the forefront of the CCB & GAA HQ's thinking rather than the 7th grade
Not much point posting an old article with old news from the 2022 season. We knew about that back then. And CCB have done a lot since then. This is now as we prep for 2024 championships.

Your comment that suggests GAA HQ and CCB apply rules of the association to senior without thinking of the impact on the vast majority of the members in Cork who play junior is typical of the mindset that has held Cork GAA back for so long. GAA HQ may very well treat the county junior championships as a separate competition
The Rules advisory board say that divisional/colleges comp doesn’t matter. Every year on Jan 1 there are 22 teams with a chance of winning the champ and the max is 16

That is why Cork will be backing the Kerry proposal........The only logical way forward is to change the rule. The question is will they get backing from other counties?
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