Cork city has gone to the dogs.

I went through the adoption process in the UK. It ultimately led to divorce.

I know there is the need for them to be sure of candidates but fuck me... The things they made my wife admit to was just bang out of order.

How the hell could she justify her Dad leaving. I felt for her. They saw how upsetting it was and just cranked it up.

We felt worthless. Left the process and she wanted to leave our relationship.

I might get coked up tonight, wander the streets looking to score at the early hours and resubmit an application. I think I'd have a better chance.

Thinking about this... The worst thing, the most fundamental thing: they ripped apart a friendship of over 20 years.

Someone posted, think it was Chara, maybe some pre-counselling would be good.

I'll never forgive them for that reason. Pack of bastards.

And I wonder why I'm so angry all the time. Quelle surprise.

Don't let it happen to you. Whoever you are.
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