That's never happened to me, but I've been humming a song to myself and got into the car and heard that song come on the radio when I turned it on.

And not current chart hits either. Often songs I haven't heard for years that came into my mind for some unknown reason.
Happens to me from time to time too Don!
Not sure if this is a coincidence but a guy I know (from Kinsale) is in Cambodia right now and in some pub he bumped into a random Canadian woman that he randomly met in The Dock bar in Kinsale in 2016!
Has the phone thing never happened to you. I've asked quite a few people and nobody else has experienced it? This was a group chat with international members also as well as local mates
Only once so if it's happened to you a few times that's well beyond a coincidence. Your brain is probably tapping into something we can't even begin to comprehend.
This song came into my head one morning clear as day

My first seminar was History of Art and guess what, the video was the first thing she played as an introduction to the 'Male Gaze' Socioligical concept.
I was freaked.
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You're probably a bit psychic Stuffy.
My Dad's a bit like that, before Brazil-Italy in '82 he said to me, I had a dream Brazil lost 3-2. Would've got some bobs if he had thrown a few quid on it.

I had an area in my throat that just felt irritable , like there was something stuck there. Had the GP take a look and also the dentist. They said they could see nothing unusual.
About a week later the father was diagnosed with throat cancer in the same spot.
My throat then cleared up.
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