Carol Vorderman wins rear of the year 2014 aged 53

I'd SMASH it.



The former Countdown brainbox, known for her ability with figures, is the first person to take the Rear of the Year title twice.

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i had a photo of her in jeans bending over putting shopping into her car but i just checked my pics there and its gone

i think i deleted it when I was trying to give up masturbation for a month
When Obama visited Northern Ireland he was asked, "What do you think of County Down?"

He replied "Well its changed since they sacked Carol Vorderman".
...I'd say she's trussed up like a turkey under whatever she's wearing.

Rachel Riley has taken her crown.

Vorderman is mutton.
Get over it.
Id die of dehydration in a few hours.

Which would be a shame because Id love to spend a few hours listening to her, she's really intelligent and engaging.....
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