Can't beat the auld Italo Disco

Did this mix about a year ago. I'm normally a house or tech feen, but i went into the history of House and where it came from.

And i ended up with this stuff. all from the 80s. Now i understand what Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson were on about when they referred to "european music" when they were explaining how Techno came about in Detroit... Their mates were listening to hip hop.. meanwhile Derrick and Kevin were listening to mid-80s italo electronic stuff.
and from that .. we got Detroit techno. And it was this sort of stuff they were listening to.
Think about that - black guys in Detroit took this cheesy Euro synth Italo stuff , re-worked it , and gave us back "Strings of Life".

1. Robert Grace - A Dream (1983)
2. Gitano - Fockewulf 190 (1986)
3. Fresh - The Wolf (1985)
4. Lift Up - Diamonds Never Made A Lady (1985)
5. Chip Chip - Never Say Goodbye (1986)
6. Helicon - You See (1983)
7. Paul Sharada - Vola (1987)
8. Morris - Tonights The Night (1985)
9. Tiziana Rivale - Ash (2008 )
10. David Lyme - Bye Bye Mi Amor (1987)
11. Koto - Dragon's Legend (1988 )
12. Sparks - Beat the Clock (1979)
13. P.Lion - Dream (1984)
14. KB Caps - Do You Really Need Me (1986)
15. Savage - Don't Cry Tonight (1983)
16. Antilles - Longing For The Spring (2011)
17. Public Passion - Flash In The Night (1985)
18. Valerie Dore - King Arthur (1986)
19. Scotch - Man To Man (1986)
20. Gazebo - Sun Goes Down On The Milky Way (1986)
while house and disco played some role in the emergence of detroit techno, Juan Atkins was making tracks in 1980 that were pretty unique, aside from perhaps Kraftwerk - who he says he hadn't listened to till after he started making his own music.

After about 1985, i am pretty sure most of detroit was just listening to their own music, as there was a host of producers, all innovating and driving each other on. They got inspiration from each other, i would imagine, more than they did from a different continents music scene.
Btw Starchaser that's similar to what I've read about a few times. Almost all the Detroit heads list Kraftwerk as an inspiration. Just cause Juan Atkins was doing his own thing
doesn't mean the others weren't looking towards Europe.
Possibly by the time the second wave were coming through like Carl Craig then they were definitely getting inspiration from their peers.
Cool looking mix, will check it out.

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