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Dropped one of the kids off there last night to catch a bus and traffic was flowing freely. Busses plenty of room and car traffic could pull in, passengers alight, and cars take off again all seamless. Passed it again this morning for a set down and those bays are ideal to let children for one of three schools off in the rain without choking up traffic. Absolute lunacy thinking it a clever to move those bus bays, and worse, now that Patricks Quay is to have a cycle-lane on the left it's effectively a single lane quay unless they're going to remove car parking from the RHS, which plays right into the coffers of those who own off-street car parks - people like the Coveney's.

It's nuts.
You can't help yourself can you ?

I am not in favour of this move at all, I only would be if they were to the bus or rail station.

As for you, another opportunity to get political, tell us more about The Coveney's and how The City Council could be in someway supporting them please ?

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