Boring, Boring Boredom.

I find that when I am bored a good curse cheers me up.

The Druid's Curse

May the bleeding piles assail you, from your head down to your feet
May crabs the size of lobsters crawl on your balls and eat
And when you're old and withered, and a syphilitic wreck
My you fall down your own asshole
And break your fucking neck.

Yes sir, I feel better already.
Only finished my exams a few days and I'm bored senseless already.

Went out for a walk there about Mton being the evening that's in it. not much happening really. Went to Aldi's then into the Arches.
Stand-up Comedy Club: Low-key Funny
The Roundy, Castle St.

10th Jul 2024 @ 8:30 pm
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Fireside Folk

The Welcome Inn, Today @ 9:30pm

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