Jerry Buttimer both supported closing the post office as well as retaining the post office in Blarney.

The Healy-Raes (Post Office owners and dedicated ruralists) wanted to ban e-mails or introduce a high fixed charge for them.

Labour want to charge a €4.99 for a basic stamp which they describe as "real change" as we all get 1 cent coins back at the till.

The Social Democrats wanted to talk about the Post Offices feelings and rights/access to women's healthcare.

The Greens wanted to keep it open but for only 15 minutes a day every second day to save on energy.

Sinn Fein wanted to demolish the post office and build an affordable social housing scheme on the site that they would then object to at planning stage.

People Before Profit want to exclude elites and big business from the Post Office and run it at a massive loss as a protest against capitalism.

Rural Independent Group wanted the Post Office to sell Mass Cards and to also hear confessions on demand.

Fianna Fail wanted to close the Post Office and then re-open it 2 weeks before the next general election.

Fine Gael: "What is a Post Office"?
Locals and politicians held a protest yesterday against the impending closure of the post office, But unless i am
mistaken the issue is that An post have tried and failed to get new people to take it over following the
retirement of the current postmaster, What else can be done?
New postmaster on the radio with Neil this morning, he said it was never closing. At the time of the rumours and protest he was in the middle of the process of getting the gig with An Post.
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