Black Sun presents: MIKE GANGLOFF(USA)& guests March8th

Black Sun presents: MIKE GANGLOFF(USA)& guests March8th

We're delighted to ease back into the Black Sun calendar with what is set to be an unforgettable session that is sure to appeal to those with a grá for both the experimental, the traditional and that murky space between the two... Join us at Plugd Records as we host Mike Gangloff for the Cork leg of his Irish tour. Also invited all the way from the old west are two acts that we've been aching to host in Cork for the longest time. Somehow all the stars aligned themselves and now we're rearing to go!

Thursday March 8th
Black Sun and Plugd Records presents:

Mike Gangloff (Black Twig Pickers/Pelt)
Yawning Chasm
Brigid Power Ryce
Sacred Harp Singers Of Cork
Rare screening of Luther Price’s GREEN
Photographic projections from Aaron Coyne
Old time DJ sounds...

Plugd Records, the Triskel Arts Centre

With US underground drone wizards Pelt and later the barnstorming Appalachian old-time band Black Twig Pickers, Mike Gangloff helped forge a unique blend of avant-garde freedom and dyed-in-the-(plaid)-wool backwoods traditionalism. But along the way, the multi-instrumentalist offered only rare glimpses of the music he plays alone. This March, Gangloff is journeying to Ireland for his first solo tour in years, performing fiddle, banjo and vocal tunes he learned from regional masters around his home in Southwest Virginia and stretching out into personal spaces claimed in nearly two decades of improvisational music.

His is an idiosyncratic musical landscape informed by knee-to-knee sessions with players ranging from guitar fire-breather Donald Miller of Borbetomagus to Charlie Parr, from the late Jack Rose (a bandmate in Pelt and frequent Twig collaborator) to pre-war recording artist Clayton Hall, from the Slate Mountain Ramblers to the Ivanhoe Wildcats.

Expect drones and hoots, full-on stomps and disconsolate dirges. Expect to be rocked back on your heels in a way you've never been before.



"Sometimes you are lucky enough to hear music that’s so beautiful, yet so gut-wrenching, that it kicks you in the heart with a firm thump. While you’re reeling from the shock, you try to explain to yourself – to others – why you’re happy to take the hit. But it’s too hard to put it into words.
Aaron Coyne, aka Yawning Chasm, does this to people, with his yearning folk that both defies and celebrates that specific genre. From the West of Ireland, his music feels as welcoming as a walk along Salthill promenade or a night spent staring at the stars by the Spanish Arch.
He is utterly connected with the Irish landscape - nature creeps into his words, with bleached bones and trembling stars colliding and tumbling rivers bursting as he sings. It’s somewhat ironic that such a softly spoken man inspires such hyperbole, but then that’s the effect that Yawning Chasm has.
This music is intimate and stirring, unassuming and lo-fi. It’s folk, but, like the keyboard lines that often skitter alongside Coyne’s deftly-strummed guitar passages, so much more.
" -Aoife Barry



Armed with a 12 string guitar and a most languid, earthy voice, Brigid soars high before shooting you square in the loneliest part of your heart. Watching her perform is a rare treat, a true no-bones performer with the ability to draw an audience in naturally with no more than a humble eyes-on-the-floor presence and a voice that roots you to the spot. Her aching highs and low moans will have you rapt.
For fans of Tim Buckley, Margaret Barry and Ma Rainey.


Fresh from what will be the second Irish Sacred Harp Convention, some singers from Cork's Sacred Harp community will sing a handful of songs from the tradition in the intimate candlelit surroundings of Plugd. The tradition is a democratic one that shys away from notions of 'performance' or audience divisions. If interested in joining the group for weekly sings, see



* * * Rare screening of Luther Price’s GREEN * * *
Luther Price’s films are distinguished by a raw, jarring and sometimes shocking intimacy that stems equally from their inextricably linked form and their content. The Boston-based Price’s work, which spans three decades and includes sculpture, music and performance as well as film, dwells in, picks at and sometimes even soothes wounds, physical, emotional and psychic. The emphasis on the materiality of the Super-8 and 16mm film he works with reflects this: roughly spliced and frequently altered, the film strips he projects are themselves ‘wounded’. Using both original images, sometimes shot to pastiche the memory of 8mm home movies, and found footage, his morbidly camp iconography generates a decayed, oppressive beauty that is as oddly moving as it is impossible to forget. His embracing of extreme, especially sexual, imagery has won him considerable notoriety, but the emotional depths of his often visionary work are undeniable. And even if affliction and isolation are his subjects, he is not without a sense of humour.
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Rare screening of Luther Price’s GREEN


Plugd is set to be transformed by projections of nocturnal photography from Aaron Coyne (Yawning Chasm/Mirakil Whip)


DJs Kind Joe Debt & the Great Poonaklaster spinnin’ and sinnin’.
Pre-war blues and gospel, mountain music, old time, ballads etc

Oh yeah, and it's only a fiver! (suggested donation)
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Go to the Triskel Arts Centre and head up the stairs to the record store! You could go down the lane between Soho and Singers Corner and walk down to the end before heading in through the glass doors (be sure to stop into Gulpd for some cake to reward yourself for getting there), or you could go through the Peace Park (From City Library side, walking towards Beamish brewery) and head for the stone building that's on the right (Christchurch at the Triskel). Hope this helps!

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