Batsh*t Crazy Green Party


Poster of Savage Greatness.
The Saudis are despots too but again, they were empowered by an accident of nature, the fact that they are oil rich nation means they have serious muscle on the world stage. As bad as they are they aren't cosying up to Putin afaik.

The Chinese are enabling Putin, they are making themselves complicit in his war crimes, those of us with morals have a problem with that.
So it is okay for the Americans to cozy up to the Saudis bombing the shite out of Yemen because they are an oil rich nation but not for China to cozy up to Russia for the same reason. You really are some hypocrite
Batshit Crazy Pale Green Party local councillors here in Cork are scared shitless about facing the electorate. They’re now acting as though the party is in opposition:

Cork Councillor Oliver Moran said on Twitter: "Gravely disappointed at the decision of the Green Party PP to sanction Neasa Hourigan last night. Taken without due notice, while Neasa was chairing an Oireachtas committee and so unable to be at the meeting. Length and severity of the sanction is gratuitous and self-defeating."

Cork Councillor Liam Quaide tweeted: "Our parliamentary party has got its values tragically askew."

Another Cork councillor - former TD Dan Boyle - said on Twitter: "I feel the length of the suspension given to Neasa Hourigan is too long and she should be allowed to retain her committee memberships where she does excellent work. I hope a mechanism to appeal these elements exists."

These losers are tweeting that “they hope things exist,” witting their own party. They’re obviously rattled, as they watch their party become more and more focused on Dublin
They show time and time again that they hate cars and those that drive them. The environment has very little to do with it really.
Apparently making electric cars more expensive to buy will encourage more people to buy them. But making houses cheaper to rent will encourage more people to rent them.

I wonder does the batshit crazy pale Green Party actually believe it’s own horseshit?


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