Barrack St. In (More Of) A State

Walking to work earlier - top end of Barrack St. by Broderick's pharmacy was blocked off to traffic.

I assumed it was to do with the ongoing roadworks on Proby's Quay.

The whole way down the street there's smashed roof slates, broken glass, rubbish strewn about and the pièce de résistance - a bollixed trampoline laying upside down on a footpath.

Seems that the place was hit by some freak gusts of wind.

Tom Barry's and Alchemy are cordoned off with "Fire & Rescue - Do Not Cross" tape and the cops are holding up traffic as you go up Evergreen Road.

The hoardings are blown down on the old FÁS site too.




(EDIT - Figured out how to add photos from my phone...)
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Amazing there's nothing about it on the Echo's website. They're asleep at the wheel.

Daily Express/CorkBeo are all over it.

Loads of damage to houses around the Lough. It was a mini tornedo.

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