I am generally slow enough to do stadium type gigs such is the general detachment around you from what is going on at them but I made the trek to see ACDC in the Aviva in 2015 as I'd never seen them and thought might well be their last Irish visit.

Twas actually very good, up there with best shows I've seen of that size but I won't be going again, that's that ticked off.

If they were coming to Cork I'd be all in alright.
If you didn't see AC/DC by June, 2010, then I dare say you never *really* saw them, if anyone wants to be purist about it, as this was the last time the classic Brian Johnson lineup was together on stage. Having said that, I'm sure the upcoming tour will be quite good, especially if age is factored in. Time was that Angus would be so animated in his performances, charging across the stage like he was leading the band into battle, and fluffing very few notes or missing cues due to his frenetic movement, which will never not be hugely impressive. Unfortunately, he's just too old these days (68) to do that kind of thing anymore, save maybe a bit of a token duck walk and some moderate headbanging, but nothing like the constant motion he was in pretty much up until the Black Ice tour concluded. Due to what they've done up until now, I would say they're my favourite band of all time due to their music, their attitude and their work ethic. They've hit the mark on hard rock in ways that other bands who did the genre never quite managed, due to just not compromising. No wishy-washy mandolin stuff like Zep. No cock-rock like Coverdale and Leppard. Just hard, blokey ROCK with great hooks. I've heard a lot of bands cover AC/DC but very, very few really nail it because, yes, you can learn the songs, but that feel the originals are played with is so, so hard to cop, not to mention the guitar sound which is just wide-open and clear yet heavy as anything. Most guitarists will play the stuff with far too much gain which actually makes things sound so much smaller and weedier.
Damien Dempsey
Live At The Marquee, Showgrounds, Ballintemple

8th Jun 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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