2023 Senior A hurling

Absolute joke that no flood lights were turned on in the first half of the game tonight, which was much needed in the last 5 or 10 minutes. Typical Cork Gaa watching every penny. 18€ to get in the gate and couldn’t see a bloody thing towards the end of the first half
10 mins to 6 and you reckon the light needed to be turned on?

Big difference between watch the stream and being there live.

Absolutely no need for lights at that stage.
Yeah. Ye took de 4 of them well 😂😂😂 Pity ye didn’t give Richie de credit he deserved instead of ridiculing him in de pubs of Blackpool.
All clubs have idiots supporters that mouth off in the pub, but at least they don't pollute this forum with their bitterness and sourness like you and your imbecile cohorts do.
Mad to think that 12 months ago Newcestown finished bottom of the table in the group stages, in a group that included Cloyne, Fermoy & Mallow.
They really got it right this year and managed it well from the start of the year, injuries and congestion took their toll last year it seemed, I’d see them a bit and they looked out on their feet by the Cloyne game where they collapsed.

Will have some momentum for the Dohenys game I imagine, could be a cracker with how Dohenys have been feeling and given there was only a point in the previous game.

Will be tough for them next year no doubt but they’ll relish it and won’t go down easy to anyone.
Looking forward to seeing de mighty Glen next year in Senior A. We are not bitter. Better team won today. Don’t think we would have beaten Newcestown.
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

25th Apr 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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