2023 Senior A hurling

I'd be in favour of a Senior championship with 16 teams, after that intermediate.
Now I wouldn't be critical of teams like inniscarra in hurling or kanturk in football who won premier intermediate this year calling themselves senior. It's important they promote themselves too and create a bit of ambition among their underage sides about playing at a high grade. The issue is the structure, those clubs aren't doing anything wrong as such

The biggest problem is the size of Cork and getting a structure that suits everyone
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Nothing against Iniscarra but this is why we can't have normal grading structures. Ego of clubs won't allow it. It's not really senior hurling is it.
Maybe I'm just being pedantic on a Monday morning !
I think that's harsh on Inniscarra. It was the Cork County Board decided to call our 2nd grade Senior A. The clubs in that grade are hardly going to call it something else now.

I think most people think a 16 teams championship (4 groups of 4) would be the best system but the CCB knew the Croke park rule limiting the number of teams entering senior championship to 16 was coming in so they made it 12 to suit the divisions and collages!

What we have ended up with now is too many grades from Junior A up to Premier Senior. Any small rural club that bring along a once an generation group of talented players from underage are going to find it hard to keep climbing up the grades as it would be very hard to keep momentum going for 5 or 6 years.
If your calling it senior leave the 6 teams coming out of the groups have a crack at the premier senior championship.
I think they do that in Galway
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