2023 Premier sfc

Nemo must be loving this especially after last year, have won 23/27 finals😂.
Hard to fathom why they are not at least evens also, bookies and scribes still giving the nod to Haven.
Should be a very close game, would not be surprised if there is another day out.
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I think to be fair this year is abit different all the talk last year was around the barrs doing the double and it was very romanticised. This year both teams have had the same 3 week lead in and both will be firing. I agree with the haven being slight favourites but only very slight
How does it that work does anyone know. Are TG4 unable to show because of the Rebels Online deal? I assume that deal is for exclusive rights.
No, the Blackrock/Sars game earlier in the year was on TG4 so don’t think one hinders the other but the county board probably prefer the big games be on their pay per view channel.
Nicole Maguire
The Richmond Revival, College Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61 T292

25th May 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Dan O Keeffe

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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