2023 Intermediate A football

Hoping to watch the Adrigole game this evening back, have heard that they could be a dark horse. Forwards quite good.

Still think Aghbullogue have been knocking at the door a long time and will win division out
Glanworth, Dromtarrife. Hard to know where Vincent’s are but glanworth seem to mostly be consistent and think dromtarriffe have the team to get through if they are well organized this year.

Mitchelstown, Boher Bue, obviously enough I suppose.

Adrigole, Gabriel rangers. I think Gabriel’s and Adrigole will just edge out aghabullogue, I don’t buy the hype with them, I thought they were well off the pace of kilshannig and the only serious team they beat last year was boher bue which I think it’s fair to say just didn’t show up on the day compared to there performance in the quarter finals. I know colm gillespie is coming through but from what I’ve heard about him, he could be suspended after the first game. Will be tight between the 3.
4/6, looking back at it, was absolute madness taking on aghabullogue
Dromtarriffe vs Boherbue. This will be a good game. I think Boherbue are a smart footballing team who play to their strengths extremely well. Dromtarriffe are a great team to watch and possibly have a stronger 15 but I think Boher know when to shut up shop. Tight game. Calling it a draw after 60 minutes.

Adrigole vs Blake Murphy. Adrigole will do what Glanmire should have done and double/triple mark Blake Murphy or play a sweeper if they have to. Vincent’s offer very little outside BM.

vs Glenville. Glenville just aren’t good enough for this grade I think. Aghada and Glanmire the two remaining imokilly teams left playing a grade above junior?
Not sure what is gone wrong with Glenville this year, competed quite well last few years and only missed out on quarter finals last year on score difference with KDY I believe. Have always been a tough enough team to beat but this year have faired very poorly and have been a good bit of this grade. Ballinora should beat them in the relegation final by 5+ points.

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