2022 Premier Senior Hurling

Heard tonight o regan was told to leave sars training last week as he’s not their player (yet)

He has been training on his own in their ball alley for a number of weeks now.

I'm meeting with a colleague from the Hill tomorrow so will be very interested to hear his take on this.

Can't imagine Sars are best pleased either with this whole sorry saga.
After he got word his transfer was rejected he supposedly tried to transfer to Eire Og for the year (his father's club) with a view to transferring to a senior club next year.

He was supposedly gym training with the Hill a few weeks back lecturing them all on commitment and what he expected from lads for the year. Within 48 hours he'd handed in a transfer request. Gave the Hill no plausible explanation. No falling out or anything.

Lads in the Hill reckon jealousy of Daire O Leary might have something to do with it. Shane was always the star man. Always mollycoddled by them. Always had his ego massaged. Was always center of attention. O Leary quietly goes about his work, gets selected on the Cork panel and O Regan can't handle it.
But in truth they can't say for definite what he's playing at. Only that he's getting terrible advice from someone.
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